Author Topic: lewmar steering gearbox  (Read 1381 times)

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lewmar steering gearbox
« on: August 19 2013, 12:47 »

I have found out that the noise and knocking  from the Wheel room is coming from the Lewmar Gearbox at the steering system.

I think that there is Gap between the wheels in the Gearbox.

I could not decide to open it or not as it is also glued with silicone.

Any one has any exeperiences about this Gearbox?

Thx alot

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Re: lewmar steering gearbox
« Reply #1 on: August 31 2013, 09:08 »
Yes, I have had what sounds like a similar problem on my Bav39C 2005 with rod steering.  I thought I had worn bevel gears but the sealed ball bearing under the large bevel gear was corroded and had clearance.  I took the whole shaft out to a press to be disassembled so I could replace the bearing.  Not a lot of info on the internet or from Lewmar.  The local Lewmar dealer got a replacement bearing.  Post a photo and I will tell you if mine was similar