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Techimpex Oven
« on: March 09 2013, 10:42 »

Does anyone know how to remove the stove top of a standard fit Techimpex oven? Is it just a matter of removing the two burners, removing the screws in the 4 corners and lifting the top up (I presume the thermocouples will have enough ‘give’ in them) or is there anything else I need to know?



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Re: Techimpex Oven
« Reply #1 on: April 17 2013, 14:20 »
Can't help specifically. I have taken mine apart once and all I remember (painfully) was some very sharp bits of metal sheet whilst doing so.  :'(

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Re: Techimpex Oven
« Reply #2 on: April 17 2013, 15:12 »
Have just finished dismantling mine to renew the grease on the valve cones.   Can only get at the front panel screws when oven is lifted out (almost a two person job helps with straps around the casing) front panel will come of without removing the top cover having removed the three retaining  nuts. Worst job was removing the hose, Bavaria used metal fixings that had seized onto the inlet pipe, had to split fixing with a Dremel.
   Hope this answers some of your questions.